Fantôme de sel


Fantôme de sel

Vidéo 4min. présenté à l'éxposition "9SQMS / Low Fat Art Fes V.3" festival à Bangkok les 15-17 février 2019. Laemthong salt warehouse (Tha Din Deang).

Texte du catalogue : "Memory? Ghost? French artist, Tawan Arun, and Thai artist, Vimolnat Thongsaard, worked in collaboration to present “White Dust”, a video installation that questions the existence of this former Lam Thong salt warehouse through form of memories. The project explores the temporality of this place run by Kitti Makkapunyo (Jia). The space lost in time lives on by the ghosts and dreams of the past with projection towards the obscure future. The video installation experiments the trace of salt and memories inhabited and captivated in space."